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through our studio, I hope to speak to your soul through flowers and beauty. 

The romance, the color, the beauty, the endless possibilities that started in their garden led me to explore mediums from oil paint, clay, glass, fabric, watercolor- anything tactile or sensual! Eventually I formally studied fine art and art history in the US, UK and Europe. Experimenting and learning widely helped me to return to what I knew intuitively as a child - that my passion is creating experiential beauty.  
All my life I have been a dreamer and visionary.  Isibeal Studio is my offering of the romantic, the heartfelt, the personal.
I opened my studio with the intention to create a space that brings together all the things that I love and care about. It is a space where my passion for interesting and beautiful things - flowers, food, art, textiles and travel can be explored and memories are made.

The immense satisfaction of creating complete settings and making all things look beautiful is still my driving passion.  

It was so exciting to arrange the stems in vintage glass flower “frogs”, tint eggs, and hunt for other little treasures to add the display. 

My understanding of all things beautiful began there. 

Some of my favorite memories are of visiting my grandparent’s fairytale garden;

I am a complete romantic at heart. I was the child who always wandered off the path to the edge of the woods where I thought fairies might live. From the time I was a toddler, the importance of surrounding yourself with beauty was instilled in me.  

a place of endless beauty, color, interest, and little worlds of wonder. They loved flowers and allotted big swaths of garden spaces for blooms. My imagination expanded while wandering through those winding garden paths, across carpets of petals freshly laid by the apple and cherry trees, past little fairy-cups of grape hyacinth in spring, the feathery asparagus foliage, the huge dinner plate dahlias nodding their bright heads above mine in late summer. Color, texture, fragrance, scale, proportion- 

From the time I was about 4, I was always allowed to make the dinner table look pretty and my grandmother would let me cut as many flowers as I wanted, and I wanted many! I remember there were so many varieties of narcissus at Easter- at least 25 different varieties! - ruffled pink trumpets, crisp tiny white ones, frilled and fragrant, apricot with ivory and of course the classic bold yellow.


- autumn

I truly believe that experience and memory are the authentic luxuries in life. I treasure the imprint of ephemerality on our spirits: flowers do fade and kisses last just a moment, but like the treasured memories of my grandparent’s garden, the memory of those beautiful experiences lingers with you forever

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I will create the most romantic perfect setting for your special day, filled with all the personal details to make your dreams come true.

They are hoping to find someone who truly “gets” their personal aesthetic.

My grandparents fairytale garden, setting beautiful tables, my fine art studies abroad, experiments in multi-mediums and my passion for everyday luxuries, beauty and interesting sensory experiences have culminated into what is now Isibeal Studio.
Many of my clients come to me unsure of how to put into words the vision of their very special day. Sometimes they are only able to relay how they want it to feel. They are nervous and doubtful that their vision will actually come to life the way they want it to. They’ve spent so much time scrolling through pictures and pinterest boards and are overwhelmed with all the ideas and possibilities.

I have the unique ability to visualize your words and feelings. As we get to know each other, and learn more about your story, personality and dreams, my imagination takes over and the magic starts. What I hear most from my clients is “ was more beautiful than what I could have ever imagined” and “meeting with you was the most fun part of the planning experience….”

Our studio is constantly evolving, as I find new sources of inspiration and ideas that expand my creativity, I pass them along to my clients.  I love to wrap you up in dreams and speak to your soul through beauty and flowers.
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Find more of our work, our story, and behind-the-scenes moments in the Journal. 


the experience

- Brittany & mike, past bride and groom

"No hesitations, Autumn’s work speaks for itself. I love flowers and could not have imagined a prettier display. We received countless compliments, and the flowers really transformed Laurel Hall into the elegant outdoor space we envisioned." 

- molly, fine art film photographer

"Autumn is an artist whose medium is flowers, and using her knowledge of art history and her eye for beauty and detail, she creates the most breathtaking dreamscapes that transport you to another world."

- jackie, past bride

"We wanted our wedding to look like a magical woodland fairytale dream. We left that up to Isibeal Studio. She is like a magical fairy godmother who shows up and makes all your wedding dreams come true!

- Mary jo, mother of past bride

"Autumn outlined a cohesive vision of the wedding and then designed and flowered the venue and reception accordingly. Everything about the reception was magical, and the photos are just amazing. We loved working with Autumn!"

- chung & stephen, past bride and groom

"I can’t even begin to describe how stunning the florals were at our elopement! We were blown away by everything - it was exactly what we wanted. Your work will forever be cherished in our photos." 

- adriana, past bride

"Autumn brought my vision to life in the most spectacular way. The flowers lit up the church, made our bridal party shine and our reception venue glow. I wish I could get married 10 more times to see what she comes up with next!"

- Amanda, past bride

"Autumn brought to life our vision perfectly with her gorgeous blooms. Her work is anything but cookie-cutter—she listens well, and applies a masterful, crafted approach to create your wedding beauty." 

- cory & Jackie, wedding photographers

"Any collaboration with Autumn is always sure to be dreamy and romantic. She chose every detail of this shoot - you can tell that every flower stem, plate, and detail was intentionally thought through."

- jessie, past bride

"Truly an unbelievable feat - exceeding every expectation possible and creating a magnificent, magical, effervescent environment that exuded a vibrancy that every guest felt that night. Thank you!!"